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My writing is also for general information and amusement. Every website is not equally valid or important, but there is a diversity, and many have things of interest. Among the large number of sites that exist there are those that I am not yet aware of, or have not yet caught up with, and that may be even more pertinent. Good to know then, that there are lots of references elsewhere in the Cauldron – and on any other site you visit.


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The Thunderbolts Project | Electric Universe
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This Cauldron is not only a blog. It will also become a topical and technical Compendium, coupled with the external venues – for Readers and Students equally.

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Politiske illusioner
Kai Sørlander

Kai Sørlander, Politiske Illusioner

Legacy Media: Increasingly Irrelevant
The Credibility is Dwindling
Qasim Rashid

The Independent, Qasim Rashid

An Early POTUS Reminder
April 2017: Deception

UPDATE March 2018: The above link is now void. Similar articles can be found on the ‘Net.
Saudis have high hopes for Donald Trump following Syria airstrike

Saudis, Donald Trump, Syria

NRK: “White Helmets” & Skavlan
TV Talk Show

Gardenia from “White Helmets” is a guest on the largest Talk Show in Scandinavia, January 20, 2017.

I will here refrain from further comments, and rather urge you to read about what goes on in Reality. You could, for instance, start with the work of Vanessa Beeley, Eva Bartlett, and Tim Hayward – and 21st Century Wire/Vanessa Beeley. The above clip is a 15 min segment, with the creepy interview in English. Clicking the screenshot takes you directly there on NRK TV’s website – Norway’s Public Broadcasting:
NRK, White Helmets, Skavlan

Roots of the 5G Masquerade Revisited
Josh del Sol:  takebackyourpower.net/gestapo-in-usa-5g-fcc-intimidates-press-kills-free-speech
FCC intimidates press and kills free speech at 5G rollout (video)


5G, National Priority

In Europe’s heart
Highest-level Politicians Openly at Satanic Ritual
If this does not make you ask what kind of creatures these people are, I wouldn’t know what could.
These are our ‘honest representatives’. Do you trust them? They certainly do not represent me.

There is a plethora to find on the ‘Net about this.
June 2016

Gotthard, Politicians, Satanic

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